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As Seventh Day Adventists, we acknowledge the Bible as our only creed and uphold some fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures.


Being called by God in a unique situation in this part of UK, the mission of the London Ghana Seventh-day Adventist Church is to:

•    Reach out and share the gospel of Jesus Christ to Ghanaians, British, other ethnic communities, and inviting everyone into a dynamic relationship with a loving God.

•    Celebrating God through joyful worship.

•    Be a model Christian community in sharing our talents and resources in spreading the Good News of salvation.

•    Strengthening the fellowship and caring for one another.

•    Nurture our children, youth, as well as adult members through our programs of Seventh-day Adventist education. 

·    Share the richness of the Ghanaian cultural heritage to the wider UK community.


The vision of the London Ghana Seventh Day Adventist church is to grow and maintain a spirit-filled multicultural church, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people as empowered by the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit.


Being Ghanaians and Adventists in a multicultural environment challenges us to be a collective witness to the growing Ghanaian migrant community as well as the wider UK society with a vision to actively work for the soon coming of Jesus Christ.

Our membership are of the belief that this vision finds meaningful expression in Ghanaian values of caring for one another, and a deep sense of collective responsibility, known as the "yonkodo" spirit.

We invite you to experience God's grace through worship, fellowship and bible study; and to share our faith and witness as a Ghanaian and Adventist community living in the UK.

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